The inaugural exhibition at Star Gallery in New York City, “American  Monsters, explores the insidious icons of U.S. culture.

With a list of artists that includes Armando Veve, Thomas Fluharty, Anthony Freda, Devin Clark, Ellen Weinstein, David Miller, David Flaherty, David Goldin, Epyon5, Zhang Yiqing, Nich Chiechi, Marissa Mahabir and several others.

“American monsters are ubiquitous in our popular culture,” the gallery says. “They loom large in film, comix, and video games, and they even haunt our political landscapes. These monsters inhabit our shared dreams and collective nightmares. They provide the artist with potent metaphors, which can be used and re-imagined in a way that provides commentary on our culture. These new demons make up the iconography of America’s shadow self.”