I want to thank all of the good people who “follow” me and support my work. However, I do not like the word “followers”.

If you like my work and ideas, you are clearly not followers. You are not part of the herd mind. You have the power of critical, independent thinking and I respect you for it.
You are searching for the truth and you are rightly suspicious of mainstream narratives.

I am moving away from political imagery and going back to trying to make beautiful things. There is a surplus of ugliness in this world and a deficit of beauty.

The political realm is now so toxic and divisive that I have lost my interest in it. I regret the times my political passions overcame me. I lost perspective and foolishly put relationships in jeopardy to make a point and I am hardly alone. I apologize.

The 2016 election brought out the worst in all of us. Very few remain unscathed by it. 2020 promises to be filled with even more acrimony and I want no part of it. ( Are we really going to do that again?)
Politics and social media are an unholy combination.

As an artist, I feel political art has severe limitations. Great art requires an element of mystery and political art must be clear in it’s message to be effective.
It is all so ephemeral. Will anyone care about all of this crap in 500 years? Beauty lasts. Little else does.

I sacrificed the quality of my art to score quick, cheap points.

I was becoming a parody of myself. I thought I was saving the world, but became a bore.
There is also so much ugly, myopic and predictable political art now. Everyone seems to be a political artist and most of them suck.
As a contrarian, I recoil from the mainstream trends. I feel there is a shift happening now. There is a bigger plan.

Seeing the God-awful, ham-fisted political art of Jim Carrey may have been the moment the whole genre jumped the shark for me.
I do think some of the work I did was productive and it will remain in cyberspace forever. (I wish I could memory hole some of them)

This is a time of personal and professional change for me and I want to make the changes positive.

I have much to learn as an artist. I feel the excitement of creative possibilities. Thank you again to all who have supported my work.
I will be offering affordable prints of my “greatest hits” in the near future for those of you are interested.