$13,650 Raised for The Cerebral Palsy Foundation

I am honored and thrilled to announce that $13, 650 was raised at a silent auction of my art this week to benefit The Cerebral Palsy Foundation.

Michael Kutcher, twin brother of actor Ashton Kutcher, delivered a highly anticipated keynote presentation on the challenges he’s faced and how he’s persevered. Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy before he entered Kindergarten, he’s defied the odds despite numerous and ongoing health problems—including heart failure at age 13.

“You can never replace in-person interaction,” said Todd Kading, President of LeafHouse Financial. “We are so excited to be live and in full effect in Austin in October. We’re very excited to have Michael Kutcher this year. A donation will be made to the Cerebral Palsy Foundation and we’re also doing something a little different. Renowned visual artist Anthony Freda will paint pictures to capture the emotion of different sessions, and we’ll do a silent auction with the proceeds going to the Cerebral Palsy Foundation as well.”