The Q&A: Anthony Freda

Q: A native Long Islander, what do you like about living near the Sound?

A: Originally from Port Jefferson, NY, I grew up a couple of miles from where we currently live, on the north shore of Long Island. We live in a nineteenth century home that once served as a convent. It’s a peaceful place to work, but watching my son experience childhood in the same place I did can lead to sometimes overwhelming bouts of nostalgia.

Q: Do you keep a sketchbook? What is the balance between the art you create on paper versus in the computer?

A: My notebooks are filled with very rough sketches of ideas and rambling thought crimes. I have not been able to digitally reproduce the quality and expression of line I get from ink flowing onto paper. I am in awe of those artists who are able to bridge that gap between man and machine that I feel when using a Wacom tablet. I prefer starting with traditional media and surfaces, and scanning them into the digital realm.